At St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School South Hurstville, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Mrs Annette McKenzie
Acting Assistant Principal Miss Emma Lenehan
Religious Education Coordinator Miss Jenny Milne
Curriculum Coordinators Mrs Karen Woods
Mrs Cathy Cooper
Dance/Music Miss Renae Neou
Teacher Librarian/eLearning Mrs Julie James
Special Needs Mrs Debbie MacKenzie
EAL/D Mrs Cathy Cooper
Newman Mrs Karen Woods
Support  Teacher Mrs Amanda Carr – Stage 1&2
Support  Teacher Mrs Jessica Abramov – Stage 1 & 2
Support  Teacher Mrs Gloria O’Connor – Stage 1
Support  Teacher Mrs Karen Woods – Kindergarten
Reading Recovery Mrs Amanda Carr
Sport Miss Renae Neou
Family Educator Mrs Claire Battey
Kindergarten Mrs Gabrielle Abrahams
Kindergarten Mrs Julie James
Year 1 Mrs Angela McLellan
Year 1 Mrs Gloria O’Connor
Year 2 Miss Jenny Milne
Year 2 Mrs Jenny Chapman
Year 3 Miss Lisa De Freitas
Year 4 Mrs Liz Murray
Year 4 Mrs Melinda Amos
Year 5 Mrs Amanda Williams
Year 6 Miss Emma Lenehan
Year 6 Mrs Jennifer Chapman